Passport Name Change

US Passport Processing Options:

Regular Service

10-15 Business Days

Rush Service

7-10 Business Days

Urgent Service

1-3 Business Days

  • Service fees do not include U.S. Department of State fees.

Passport Name Change

Passport Name Change Eligibility:

  • Select this process to have a passport amended to reflect name change.
  • You should use this process if:
    1. Your passport is less than one year old, AND
    2. You can supply the official document(s) indicating the change name
  • If you answer NO to number 1 above:
    • If the passport is less than 15 years old, AND you were 16 or over when it was issued: you must renew the passport click for passport renewal instructions
    • If the passport is expired within a year and you do not meet the renewal criteria:
      - Applicants currently age 16 or over click for first time passport instructions
      - Applicants currently age 15 or under, click for child passport instructions
  • If you answer NO to number 2 above:
    • You cannot have the name change on a passport if you cannot supply official documentation showing the name change

  • Passport MUST reflect the legal name in order to travel internationally


  • IMPORTANT: The Passport Agency process a limited number of passport applications in the next day. If your international departure requires same day service, call us immediately at (202) 347-2909 or by email at to reserve a next day slot.

Follow these instructions carefully. Missing or incorrect information will delay the issue of your passport: