Passport Renewal

US Passport Processing Options:

Regular Service

10-15 Business Days

Rush Service

7-10 Business Days

Urgent Service

1-3 Business Days

  • Service fees do not include U.S. Department of State fees.

Passport Renewal

Passport Renewal Eligibility:

  • Passports can only be renewed if ALL 3 of the following conditions are met:
    • The previous passport was issued when you were age 16 or over, AND
    • The passport is still in your possession and undamaged, AND
    • The passport was issued less than 15 years ago

    If you answer NO to any of these, click for first time passport instructions
    Applicants currently age 15 or under, click for child passport instructions
    Applicant Who lost a still valid passport, click for lost passport instructions

  • Passport must also be renewed if they are MORE THAN ONE YEAR OLD AND STILL VALID, and the applicant need:
    • To change the name in their passport, OR
    • To make any sort of amendment in a passport (incorrect/changed information)
  • If the passport is LESS THAN ONE YEAR OLD, and you need one of the two services list above, click for name change instructions


  • IMPORTANT: The Passport Agency process a limited number of passport applications in the next day. If your international departure requires next day service, call us immediately at (202) 347-2909 or by email at to reserve a next day slot.

Follow these instructions carefully. Missing or incorrect information will delay the issue of your passport: